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Face Fit Testing

Face Fit Testing

Face Fit Testing is a critical safety procedure used to ensure that Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) fits securely and correctly, providing adequate protection against hazardous substances, dust, and other airborne pollutants.

RPE, including masks and respirators, must be worn in the workplace when working with hazardous substances, such as chemicals, dust, and biological agents. The aim of Face Fit Testing is to confirm that RPE is suitable for the individual and the job they are performing, protecting the wearer from harmful particles and gases.

There are two types of Face Fit Testing: Qualitative and Quantitative:

only be utilised on half mask respirators offering a degree of particulate protection i.e. FFP2 / FFP3 / P3 … it can be used on either reusable or disposable devices BUT SHOULD NOT BE USED on full face RPE:

  • Relies on the wearer's sense of smell and taste to determine if the mask is correctly fitted
  • Involves the wearer donning a mask and an aerosol is sprayed around their face
  • A series of exercises are then performed, these are designed to asses the fit.
  • If the wearer can detect the smell or taste of the aerosol, the mask does not fit correctly, and adjustments must be made.
  • Typically used for half-mask respirators

is required for all close-fitting full-face respirators and can also be used on half face RPE (disposable or reusable). A qualitative test can only be utilised on half mask respirators offering particulate protection i.e. FFP3:

  • Uses a machine to measure the amount of leakage around the mask's seal
  • More precise than qualitative testing
  • Measures the mask's fit factor or the number of particles that leak into the mask during use
  • Used for full-face respirators and other types of RPE that require a higher level of protection.
Health Safety Fire are able to provide both types of tests, completed by a Fit2Fit accredited tester. We can also support with the

delivery of Respiratory Protective Equipment training to staff

, so they are fully aware of their requirements to wear the equipment in accordance with the instruction provided.

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